The Sunlight Search Mission Explained


The News Agenda – The Sunlight Search Mission Explained 

For those that have been using the internet for long enough, you may be all too reminiscent of times when this technology offered a platform to find free information, exchange a wide range of ideals and get to know different points of view.

Here, anyone could easily find open room for debate, allowing for personal and intellectual growth. As with anything that revolutionizes the way human beings live, it didn’t take too long before this incredible technology started to slowly turn against its principles and get in the way of how we think and feel about profound subjects such as politics, religion, and society

The recent Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” shed some light on this particular subject for millions of people, most of which are still unaware of how the internet has gone from a stage of absolute freedom and opportunity to a dystopian state of mind control and manipulation.

The Depth of the Problem

By now, it’s no secret that tech giants control the way we consume information. As ridiculous as that thought was a few years ago, now it’s socially accepted that the so-called “free” services now serve endless news and advertising by whatever wealthy source is willing to sponsor them.

See for yourself, a simple search for Conservative news will bring back a majority of Liberal news, which should be, by any standards, the definition of an issue with freedom and access to unbiased information.

Rest assured, I’m not picking sides; in fact quite the opposite. The truth is I love America, and I’m committed to breaking these chains of tyranny before our minds succumb to the whims of these giants. The “divide and conquer” principle has been adopted over the centuries to instigate a particular agenda that would benefit those in power.

The Solution

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In short, stop searching the current mainstream sources for news. Because for now, you still have a choice to use an alternative.

Sunlight Search solves the issue by doing something mainstream search will never do. Because we believe in true freedom of choice in terms of news, you get all propaganda removed from the news by separating it into categories. That means that you’ll find Liberal and Conservative news alike fair and unbiased.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Nothing about either side is fair and unbiased. But hopefully, by now, you can see beyond the news itself and understand the real problem is “who” and “how it is delivered.” The results you see from your search are finely tuned propaganda, backed by billions of dollars of psychological research. Research designed to factor in thousands of points of data collected on you and spoon feed in such a way that it subconsciously reprograms your views. It’s unfathomably divisive once you understand how the system works and makes me absolutely furious.

You see, search engines are inherently flawed. There will always be an element of propaganda when your search contains all possible results from both sides. The only way to deliver fair, unbiased news is by indexing it into categories and delivering it separately.

Consider for a moment how pleasant your search experience will be when you never have to look at nonsense from the other side.

Be the Change You Want to See

As a consumer, you have the final word, and your behavior is the catalyzer that will lead to the change you want to see in the world, more now than ever.

If you feel the service you use does not respect your freedom, if it makes you angry or sad, stop using it. If you believe the news isn’t clear or controversial, please consider the chance you may be reading focused propaganda.

My real concern is the nitro-fueled hatred, intolerance, and extremism this propaganda fosters, and I’m not saying Sunlight will eliminate it. What I am saying is that Sunlight will eliminate the possibility of dangerous media-induced social and psychological programming from the other side.

When you use all these major search engines, you subject yourself to an agenda that comes from news prioritized without category and ranked by the highest bidder.

God bless,

Jason Vanzant

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