Stop The Split

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Mainstream media wants us to split and it fuels them

The Propaganda

The single biggest threat to our great society is propaganda. Mainstream media has used it to split America right in two. Do you think that is by chance? Do you think Americans’ political stance is split almost perfectly in two?

Absolutely not. This has been going on for over 100 years, but what they have done over the past 20 is a psychosocial engineering masterpiece.

It all started with TV but wasn’t weaponized until social media came on the scene. And I mean weaponized by there is a group of people up top with an agenda. The agenda is revenue, and the weapon is a dial that targets specific people who have been deemed socially viable for an attack when turned.

These vulnerable people are delivered psychologically precise posts, news, and search results designed to induce certain emotions. Hate, fear, jealousy, sadness, and occasionally love. As a tool of persuasion, there is nothing like social media.


Now, I’m sure you are saying that’s ridiculous. How can they manipulate me?

Well, all they need is a few mins of your day to build a profile. They not only record your likes, groups, and comments but, more importantly, the posts and videos you stop at. The posts you fly by without regard and all the pages you browse in between.


They have 1000s of points of data on you that build a detailed psychological profile. They use this to deliver specific ads and content, but more sinister is the targeted results they use to elicit responses. They know exactly who is most likely to protest a political movement or believe in a conspiracy. Then they show crazy stuff to these people that make them excitable and ready to take action.

Ready for action

What You Should Do

If you’re online and all you see is nasty political posts that make you furious, stop and take a breath because chances are you’re being targeted. Why? Because this divide is good for business, it keeps you engaged.

What we’re seeing is a global assault on democracy. My mission is to alert the world to this existential threat. Its something I feel so strongly about that I have invested a large sum of money into combating.

Sunlight Search is my first move to combat this thing by giving our users the choice of what news they see. All the news mixed is a freaking recipe for disaster with its targeted agenda. Only when you give people, a choice do you remove the eventuality of social programming.

You see, the algorithm they have spent billions on is designed to pick rabbit holes. These rabbit holes poke you with sensitive topics, and when you react, they deliver more and more relevant results. This perpetuates topics and reprograms the minds of people who follow these proverbial rabbits down deeper and deeper in the holes.

You Are Important

You have to understand these giants are desperate for your attention. Their revenue stream depends on it, and the better their algorithm is at keeping you online, the more money they make. These rabbit holes are the ultimate tool for locking you in.

So what I’m saying is check your emotions when online. Don’t let these puppet masters pull your strings. Be vigilant to these strategies now that you know about them. If you see something that strikes a cord take a second to evaluate its source and consider it may be intentionally placed there to manipulate you.

Imagine what would happen if we all could get along for four years. The world would be changed forever. We would be mining H3 off the moon (that’s another super exciting topic, btw).

A start would be if everyone in America could turn off the tv and uninstall social media for a month… wow, it gives me chills the change that only would bring about!!!

Anyway, thanks and God bless,

Jason V

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